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The world of product placement in films.

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The Pacifier: 36 Products & Brands

The Pacifier Cover
Trailer Courtesy Apple
Prepare for bottle.

The Plot
After the kidnapped scientist Lt. Shane Wolfe(Vin Diesel) if attempting to rescue is killed Wolfe is given the duty watching over his five kids who include two teens and young girl a toddler and an infant while their mother travels to Switzerland to retrieve a safe deposit box which could hold the key to finding Ghost, a late scientists invention with the power to use a satalites to take over control of the nuclear missiles of any country. Wolfe has to protect them but also faces the trouble of helping the elder female learn to drive while fighting off her teen angst, helping the elder male open up to people since his father's death and help him to be himself all while managing a girl scout troop and learning to change diapers. Good laugh for a family film and some of the best storylines for it's genre which includes the likes of Kindergarten Cop and Mr Nanny although this stands far and beyond either of those films. Manages to be both funny and touching at different times and flows well enough to keep you interested. This is the first action man in a family setting movie I've seen that even tries to be a good movie instead of trying to create a movie around the odd situation and it pulls it off well.

Film Washing
Shopping scenes in a Costco warehouse provide ample places for product. Minute Maid is to juice selection as Nike is to shoes/hats/shirts. Toyota’s Sienna minivan owns the screen and shows off some maneuvers that may require a “professional driver on a closed course” disclaimer. And Panasonic’s Toughbook computer, otherwise dominating the film, takes a break and lets Apple squeeze in a short cameo.

Brands that wash your brain: Adidas, Apple, Ascent, Boo Berry, Cookies &, Costco, Domino’s Pizza, Excelsior Park, FireFlies, Ford, Graco, Huggies, intel, Johnson & Johnson, Lay’s, Magnum Desert Eagle, Microsoft, Minute Maid, Nike, NRS, Orville Redenbacher, Panasonic, Pantene, Peg Pérego, Pepperidge Farm, Petsmart, Pioneer, Pringles, Rimowa, Ruffles, Sikorsky, Sony, Spam, Staples, Tiffany & Co., Toyota